20 August 2008

Law Firm Cycling Kit

Yet more proof that I made a great choice when I joined MoFo last year -- here is the new firm cycling kit, designed with input from some of our intellectual property lawyers in California. I'm told that the molecule is mofebutazone, an M01AA class non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent. It could be my secret weapon on the grand tours.


TOM said...

Very futuristic + nice coloring too!! You really got into the right firm David! M Size for sale by any chance?

David L. said...

I would be delighted to order a MoFo jersey for you. Won't know the final price until they know the size of the order, but it should be around $60-$70, or 6500-7500 yen. "M" sounds right, but you can check Sugoi's sizing: http://sugoi.com/fit
to confirm.

... if anyone else is interested (delighted to have them worn by "friends and family"), please let me know by Monday morning. I'll order at Noon Monday, Tokyo time. Shorts are also available (another $70) - let me know if you are interested and I can email the shorts design.


TOM said...

That's very kind of you David. I checked and M is just right for me. I think the jersey will look fine with either my black or white bib shorts; no need for the "complete uniform". Thanks for including me in your order.

Hope to be able to profit from your powerful locomotive tomorrow (so far 8 guys have signed up)