23 November 2008

Fuji Five Lakes

On the holiday Monday before the Saiko race, I did an exploratory tour of the area. By train to Kawaguchiko, then by bike around all five lakes, and on by bike down Doshimichi back to Tokyo (up to Hashimoto where darkness forced me onto the train).

138km in total, only modest climbing here and there and quite a bit of descending down Doshimichi where I reached a new top speed of 67km/h. If only the weather had been a bit nicer - it was overcast all day, but at least the clouds where hanging to high that Mount Fuji was always fully visible, as the below photos from all the five lakes show.







TOM said...

Impressive photos of the 5 lakes MvH! Especially liked the surrealistic one of Saiko! Looks like you are becoming increasingly leaner and meaner with all the distances covered & races entered this fall...keep it up!

Manfred von Holstein said...

Leaner? Not really. I've gained 3kg of muscles, lost 2.5kg of fat, net gain of 0.5kg since this summer - if theses body fitness measurement devices are to believed; at 3% body fat ratio I'm probably out of range of accuracy...

Meaner? I hope not, but this is for others to judge.