27 November 2008


I would like to ride this Sunday, proposing Takao and back on the following route.
Ebisu stn. 7am, 120km, back by midday.
Any takers?
Obv. can add or subtract to this as you see fit.

via Bryon, read this.. John Korioth Shares His Thoughts (and SRM file) About Racing with Lance at The Tour de Gruene ..inspired or awed?


David L. said...

I may hop on at my house on Sunday morning and at least ride out with you. ... strongly recommend that you add an extra 15 minutes to the ride and try the route we took along the S. side of Lake Tsukui (Rte. 513 -- and over the bridge adn the nice climb on the North shore of the lake (see Michael's post and my GPS route). Much nicer than just going straight along the S. edge of the lake in traffic and over the dam.

James said...

I have checked your GPS in more detail and it looks like a great route.. I should be able to download it to my 705 and follow it on the day.. something to try at least..

Currently 3 confirmed for Sunday, 4 maybes including yourself David..

I assume some will turn back before Takao to get back to Tokyo earlier..

mob said...

Not sure .... got a cold. Would it be OK to meet at 7:30 AM at Futago bridge if I can come?

James said...

If you can let me know so we know to look for you then no problem. Erm.. Futago bridge is the where exactly?

mob said...

Futago(tamagawa) bridge is the bridge over the Tamagawa close to David's house.


There is a 7-Eleven West of the bridge paralell to the road along the Tamagawa. This is a good meeting point.

But I got a terrible cold, I am not sure if I can ride tomorrow.