21 November 2008

Weekend Ride(s)?

Ahhhh ... a three-day weekend, good -- if brisk -- riding weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday, with time to recover on a rainy Monday, and the financial markets continuing their downward spiral. An ideal time to get out for one or two good rides. I can go either Saturday or Sunday ... but please no earlier than an 8AM start on Saturday).

As you can see from the "Autumn" post below, I had a very nice ride on Rte 76 from Sagamiko to Doshimichi, then back into Tokyo via my new, favorite route to avoid 75% of the congested stretch along the south side of Tsukui-ko. A very pleasant 140 km ride. ... And then I joined Michael and Juliane as far as Oume on their Tuesday ride to Chichibu (I hopped a train in to work and arrived late morning, where is the trip report Michael?).

Michael? Jerome? Juliane? Tom? James? Is anyone out there?


mob said...

Saturday morning 8 AM at your house would be perfect for me. My daughters "Shichi-Go-San" is scheduled for Sunday and Monday looks rather dull.

Depending on who is joining us, we can either do the new Doshimichi or another trip into Chichibu.

Manfred von Holstein said...

Didn't we want to do the trip to the Chichibu lake and cross roads with Tom?

James said...

I have a busy weekend ahead and will only be able to ride early Sunday for a few short hours.. need to be back home by 10am.. I will meet the central-tokyo-ites at Ebisu stn. Sun a.m. and we will just blast up the river and back I think.. nothing interesting unfortunately, but that is the way the cookie is crumbling for me this weekend.. for all you venturing further afield, have fun and ride safe.

mob said...

Jerome and James are out due to other commitments.

Manfred aka Ludwig is correct that originally we have planned to ride to the Chichibu Lake this weekend. But what Ludwig does not know is that we NEVER ride where we have planned to go in the first place. This is an old tradition (since 2007) of Positivo Espresso which does not call for exceptions.

Juliane and me made another try to ride up to Mitsumine / Chichibu lake last Tuesday, but we were too late so we settled for an easier trip (post to follow) around Shomara, Shiraishi and Sadamine before going back by train from Seibu Chichibu (oops, abviously against another PE tradition).

Tom might want to start very early and does not go back by train, so even in the best case scenario we might meet him somewhere for five minutes.

Let's just meet at Davids house on Saturday at 8 AM, see who is there and what time frame is available for each of us and make a decision where to go on the spot (which I declare herewith as another Positivo Espresso tradition).

David L. said...

Michael and Ludwig (Manfred?): See you at 8AM at my place. I'll take a look at the Chichibu map before heading out since I really don't know the roads yet.

James -- I'll call or send you a note if it seems realistic that I could get up early enough to join you for a ride up the river early Sunday.

Manfred von Holstein said...

I will take my maps with me, so we should be fine. May I meet the two of you under the Odakyu bridge crossing Tamagawa (opposite site of Noborito). I would think you will reach it by 8:30am? Or will you leave David's house at 8:00am sharp, in which case 8:20am may be the better meeting time? Let me know. Looking forward to it.

mob said...

David, 8 AM at your house.

Ludwig, I think we should be at the Odakyu Bridge by 8:30 AM, let's meet there.

Tom, are you riding out into Chichibu on Saturday?

TOM said...

Michael...I was going to but in view of the late start I decided to join the TCC-ers on a Matsuhime loop...