23 November 2008

Positivo Cervelo

Addition to the stable.

Wow. I think we should seriously consider a renaming of Positivo Espresso into Positivo Cervelo. In consideration of all the money we have spend with this company, we deserve some kind of sponsorship.

Still puzzled why the left side of the bike is barred from viewing with flickr (private photo) whereas the right side is not.


David L. said...

Which Cervelo is right for you?


James said...

It isn't now.. and I'll explain when riding sometime soon I hope.

David L. said...

Of course, in addition to the videao discussing relative merits of the Soloist (Michael's bike), the R3-SL (David L.'s bike), the S-2 (formerly the Carbon Soloist), Competitive Cyclist also has 4 review videos of the SLC-SL (James' new bike), which suggest it is the ideal bicycle for descending, sprinting, climbing and breakaways.

I'm thinking my next frame may be an S-2 ... though there are some other good new frames around. I've gone almost a year with only one road bike in the stable (but it is hard to justify anything else when you have an R3 SL). There should be some good values out there as sales slow.