11 November 2008

The Veteran, The Contender, The Doctor

Coming to terms with the fact that you’re never going to win a Maillot Jaune or Maglia Rosa is something most riders confront sooner rather than later. For those good enough to have enjoyed success at a higher level, however, the relationship between their careers and racing ambitions is more complex. Dedicating yourself solely to riding might pay dividends on the podium, but what brings riders success in competition is invariably that same blend of drive and talent that has reaped rewards in their professional lives. On a photo shoot in Swiss Alps for the latest Rapha Autumn/Winter collections, three accomplished riders revealed how they have dealt with the work-racing conundrum.

The Veteran | The Contender | The Doctor

I thought it was a good read.. the comments with regard to feeling a bit brain dead after too much riding (a lot!), yet how riding is a fantastic time to reflect and also a great place to socialise really hit it home with me. It's obviously a marketing exercise, but an interesting one at least.. the photo shoot they were on here.

Elsewhere, Lance has been wind tunnel testing.

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David L. said...

Thanks, James. Nice stories.
I guess my model will need to be Dominique Gabellini. No, I am not a natural optimist. And no, I was not on a junior national team, nor did I drop out of college to try bicycle racing professionally in Europe, but yes, the bike shop staff probably would laugh at me too, if I (lied and) told them that I had done so, just like Dominique. And just like Dominique, at age 46 I cannot win anything, but if I start riding 100 miles in the morning before work in a park, ... then in two years I might be winning races!