03 November 2008

Sunday's Ride

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Thanks guys for the excellent ride.. took longer than I anticipated but thoroughly enjoyable all the same.. Yabitsu Pass is a fantastic climb, but we need a route home from the bottom to keep away from the trains.. I know everyone will join me in wishing Michael good luck this coming weekend at Saiko.. I am thinking the 'rest' of us might do a Takao trip on Sunday, but perhaps come back along a similar route that Jerome would have used after he left us on the weekend.. TBD.


David L. said...

Thanks for planning the ride, and you will need to start declaring a "ride by" time for my house if you get a group of 4-5 people to start at Ebisu. for a 6:30 Ebisu start, it is really a 6:50 "ride by" my house, not 7:00 AM.

Sorry I could not go all the way to Yabitsu, but I had a good ride back with Tim Hewitt. He does not go fast (yet), but does not seem to have any problem plugging away. We picked a great place to turn off -- very nice riding with minimal traffic along Rte 513 until we got back down to Tsukui-ko (thanks to Graham Davis for showing this route to David Jacob and me last year), and then continued on 513 -- crossed the lake on the bridge and climbed along the ridge on the North side of the lake -- staying off the congested main road (413) as long as possible. I recommend this whenever possible as a way to get through the Tsukui-ko area.

I am joining Michael and Jerome at Saiko, so I hope we can ride again week after next.

mob said...

I have just added the riding profile from my CICLO bike computer, please have a look at the blog if you are interested.

It was a very pleasant ride with the largest group perhaps we were ever been able to assemble.

Yabitsu is my favourite climb, a beautiful landscape and a gradual climb. I guess we need to continue to search for a way to expand this ride from Yabitsu to somewhere.