21 August 2009

Feign Death

Japan Today describes (today) a new strategy how to avoid arrest by the police which might also be usefel when running a red light on the bike.

Man feigns death for 3 hours to avoid police questioning in Osaka


A 22-year-old man, who was arrested Wednesday night for assault and obstruction of duty after he rear-ended the motorcycle of a police officer, feigned death for about three hours, police said Thursday.

According to police, Yuji Matsumura of Sakai City was riding his motorcycle with some friends when he ran into the motorcycle of the police officer. He tried to escape but was apprehended about 400 meters from the crash.

Seconds after he was handcuffed, Matsumura collapsed and pretended to be dead. Police called for an ambulance even though his breathing and heartbeat were normal. Matsumura put on a good show, however, and didn’t even flinch when medics inserted a catheter into his urethra. A doctor who performed a CT scan found no abnormalities.

This went on for three hours, police said, until Matsumura’s mother came to the hospital to identify him. He returned to his senses at the sound of her voice.

Matsumura was quoted by police as saying: “I was tired, so I just went to sleep.

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