31 August 2009

Tokyo Cycle Messenger World Championship

It is raining and Tokyo is just grey and ugly. My mind wandered and I just registered for this one. Anybody else interested?

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David L. said...


CMWC -- looks like a fun event. ... and great to have this in Tokyo. If you are in the "main race" on the 22nd, I'll plan to head on out to Odaiba on my fixie in my best messenger gear and check it out. Maybe I can get a peel-off tattoo or some road rash and I'll blend in?

The keirin event at Keio-kaku (on the route up the Tamagawa) on Saturday Sept 26 looks like it might be fun. ... though I really would rather get out into the countryside.

And then the "after parties" in Shibuya -- for all the Positivo Espresso crowd who like going to dance clubs!