08 August 2009

Henry's New (Used) Bicycle

At my recent 25th college reunion, I was struck by the number of classmates who, when polled to offer some "words to live by", responded with old saying "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!"

It sounds great. Like something our boy scout leaders would have said in my youth, Troop 7, Columbia Pacific Council, Portland, Oregon. On the other hand, I would like to believe the perhaps contradictory (or at least slightly hypocritical) theory that anyone over age 45 who "gets out there" to exercise regularly deserves the newest and VERY BEST GEAR available to humankind. ... a perspective that could be challenged in an era of slow (or negative) growth, higher taxes and an aging populace. Positivistos -- What do you think?

Today Henry L. (not to be confused with Henry K. or any other Henry's within the orbit of Positivo Espresso) and I finished building up the used Gios frame/fork/headset that we got on Thursday. I did probably 80% of the work, but got help from Henry L. with most steps. We took a short test ride along the Tamagawa. The Gios seems like a very good solution to getting him a reasonably priced and decent quality ride that he may outgrow, and does not need to worry too much should it get scratched.

We needed to return to Positivo today for a Mavic spacer so that the Shimano 10-speed cassette fits properly--the old spacer is probably sitting in a wheel bag or maybe in a dark corner on the floor of our garage. We also got Nagayama-san's help in extracting part of the old rear shifter cable from the right hand shifter/brake hood. Otherwise, the completed bike is all the fruit of our effort.

It comes signed by the master, Alfredo Gios, and with an Italian racing stripe of sorts on the downtube.

Of course trademark Gios color blue. And tubing that is BOTH "aero" and "lite."

Add my 2004 Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels (rear rim replaced by Nagai-san in 2007, at least 7 spokes replaced over 5 years, including 3 this year), Ultegra 6600 drivetrain (10X2speed, with 12-25 and 39-53 gearing), Ultegra 6500 brakes now in use on their 3rd frame, very slightly worn Vittoria Open Corsa CX tires with red stripes, Fizik Alliante saddle, Ritchey Pro 44cm handlebars and 110mm stem, bottle cages ... all the above "used" except the 12-25 cassette, a new chain and some "new" cabling that had been sitting in my toolbox left over from previous similar efforts. Add some padded, basic black bar tape received gratis at a forgotten cycling event (Saiko? Noto? 2008 Fuji?), and some black plastic electrical tape to keep the bar tape end sealed (37 yen at Seiyu across from Positivo, for a large roll), ... and the result is a decent bike consistent with the new ethos.

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