07 August 2009

Sunday beginner's ride

As mentioned to a few of you, I'm taking one of my colleagues and his girlfriend on a beginner's ride, leaving my house Sunday around 9:15 or so. Target - an early lunch at Ishikawa Brewery/restaurant in Fussa. My sons will join, and also one junior colleague who apparently rides and is tall, thin and much younger ... a dangerous combination.

Henry and I stopped by Positivo yesterday evening and picked up a used Gios aluminum road frame Nagai-san had said he could get for me (it was 15,750 yen, including fork, headset and seat clamp, and will be a good solution for Henry until he outgrows it). If all goes well, we will finish building it up on Saturday, so Henry can ride it on Sunday.

So if anyone is interested in joining (with family or friends), let me know -- I may try to call this evening to reserve a table at the brewery for an early lunch.

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James said...

Plan to leave Ebisu stn. with Dominic, Graham and Little M. at 7am. Not sure where we are off to but bringing bike bags.

I wonder if we could rendezvous at the Brewery on the way back?