22 August 2009

Global Reach, Local Domination

Henry and I went out for a quick spin today, and who should we see but Laurent D., returning from his morning trip.

An hour and a half later, as we returned, it was Jerome and Oggie. All of us wearing appropriate attire.

We rule the Tamagawa route ... even if it is a miserable, hot stretch of concrete.

Sunday Ride -- Jerome and I will leave my house at 6AM. Laurent is riding with Tom -- not sure their time or place but it would be great to coordinate. Let me know if you want to join Jerome and me at the start or en route.

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mob said...

Oh definitely we are everywhere, please also check the comment on the TCC site : http://www.tokyocycle.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=1523

That is of course also the advantage of having an easy recognisable team wear.

Maybe I am just postively-paranoid, but I happened to notice a lot more orange wear colors at the Shuzenji race yesterday.