18 November 2009

15.000 HITS

OK, we are still four hits short according to Clstrmaps, but we have almost reached 15.000 hits on this website - that is the main page I suppose that counts. For the statistics:

0 - 5.000 hits from
14.11.07, the start of the site to 26.09.2008, 316 days,- 10.000 hits to 21.05.2009, 228 days
- 15.000 hits to 18.11.2009. 181 days

Now let's compare this with more than 127.000 hits at Hiroshi's website as per today.

I celebrated the event today with a 35 minute ride to Jiyugaoka, a cheese cake and a hot coffeee at Cafe Cabandon. My personal cafe at Tiffany's. Somebody got the connection?


David L. said...

Some perspective on 15,000 "hits" in two years (in addition to tha provided by Hiroshi's blog).

My son is in an ad hoc a capella singing group of six high school seniors at St. Mary's International School. They tried out for Fuji TV's national "Hamonepu" (harmony-pu?) contest (high school and college aged a capella groups) and were one of 24 groups out of 700 selected for the near-final round (to be taped Dec 25, broadcast Jan 19). Fuji TV put up photos of the groups and very short 30 second "practice session" videos on Monday night. Their group now has 15,217 "hits" 48 hours later (the second place group has 12,752). Big in Japan!


(the url does not work from a proxy server outside Japan)

David L. said...

... just to follow up my comment of Dec 9. My son and his friends' singing group, Senme, continued to be the number one most popular Fuji TV Hamonepu group for web hits -- 46,331 now, to 34,251 for the next group.

The last "preliminary" round was held Wed Dec 23 (yesterday), and Senme were one of the 6 groups eliminated to shrink the field from 24 to 18 for the nationally televised final. Apparently, the competition is getting much better at this popular event ... just like what we see at bicycle races this year. And Senme had never had experience singing with TV studio quality microphones and equipment, and did not manage to make the transition in the alloted 3 minutes. Or maybe they spent too much time playing NBA live 2009 on the Playstation 3 when they came to practice at our house.

So I guess my son's J-Pop idol career is over before it even started, and he will need to go forward with his plans to attend university in the U.S. starting next fall.