14 November 2009

Winter TT racing


I use a set of rollers to put the miles/km down when the weather is bad and back in the UK me and the guys I rode with who also owned rollers would often get together at someones house or at a local community center and race 10, 15, 20 and 50 mile time trials against each other. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there interested in getting together and doing some indoor TT's or even holding a series over the winter months maybe even paying a entry fee for the series and actualy having some prizes or awards at the end of it????


David L. said...

One of the first long (~100 km) organized rides I ever took, on my clunky steel framed Taiwanese "touring bike" back in 2000 or so was in the country NW of Washington DC, heading over the Potomac River into Virginia from Lilypons Water Gardens in Adamston Maryland. I remember that there were plenty of short steep hilly sections, that my derailleur disintegrated about 2/3 of the way through and one of the experienced riders rigged me up a shortened chain single speed set up that let me limp most of the way back to the start, until it jammed and I hopped in the support van. I was amazed that many of those participating had actually ridden out from DC to the start and were going to ride back afterward -- making it a 200 km day, incomprehensible to me at the time. I digress, however.

It was a charity event by NCVC (National Capital Velo Club -- the local racing club, sponsor of criterium races, etc. that I will join immediately, should I ever return there), to raise money for the widow and young child of one of their fallen riders. He had gone down into his basement on a rainy day, hopped on the rollers, and slipped off to the side, crashing his head (no helmet) into the basement wall on the fall.

This story made an impression on me, and I have never felt a need to get a set of rollers. So please be careful on that indoor TT!

Manfred von Holstein said...

The beauty of Japan (at least around Tokyo) is that it is possible to ride through the winter. In fact, the weather is much more predictable than in the warmer months and there is far less rain or the chance of rain. I've ridden consistently twice a week through the last winter and don't want to stop this winter either (though may not ride as often). The thing to watch is at what altitude the snow line starts and avoid rindos.

Jimmy Shinagawa said...

What's a rindo?

David L. said...

Rin-do or 林道 is a forest road -- not a numbered national or prefectural route, and not likely to have ice/snow/leaves/rocks cleared.

On a completely different topic, Tom and I are meeting at Sekidobashi at 7:15 tomorrow (so 6:35AM departure from my house), for a ride into Chichibu and over Arima Pass. Others are welcome. Best, David