23 November 2009

Saiko Race TV Review

Just watched the Asahi TV program about the Saiko race this afternoon. As expected the program focuses on the adventures of the two attending "talentos", Yoshizawa/Morning Musume in the W class and "forgot his name" in C1. The performance of both is also something to be forgotten soon; both of them were dropped within the first lap, both of them finished in the forties out of less than 50 riders.

Basically I disliked the program as it was promoting bicycle riding in a strange way. Sure, it is nice to have a lot more people riding bikes than to see them in cars and trains, but I am not sure if I want to meet them in races when, among other things, my health is at stake.

I also found it somehow unfair that both of them had a (non-competing) helper at their side to support them throughout their races.

OK, perhaps I am to strict with them.

No shots from our races. But we could see James in full profile with Tiger and a little bit in the back Tsukino and Henri at one point. I recorded the program on our HDD and I hope I can manage some DVD copies if somebody is interested.


James said...

Yes please would be very interested in a copy of this. The guy training is Saito Seiji, really really great guy and has been in contact with me since the race.

Im also proud to say that Kaori beat her even without a personal professional trainer!

David L. said...

James -- Kaori had YOU as her personal trainer. So of course she beat them!

Best, David L.

Manfred von Holstein said...

I caught the last part after getting of a conference call and had the same impression. Still would like to have it on the DVD to show it to friends - if these genoujin are having such a hard time, what talents we must be! (pun intended)

James said...


She also was riding a custom built bike specifically designed for her!