30 November 2009


We are planing to have our traditional (since 2008) first training ride of the year on January 2nd 2010 together with Tokyo Cycling Club. A gruesome ride from Tokyo (Kawasaki? Yokohama?) along the coast to Odawara and finally up the hill to Moto-Hakone. All the way followed by a bunch of incredible fast (and incredible young) university students ..... running.
Who will make it up to Ashinoko before they overtake you?

The reward for those who make it: The mother of all downhill rides: Route 20 from Hakone Pass over Jukoku pass and Atami pass down to Atami. And the mother of all quick returns.

January 2nd 2010. Mark the day.
[please also mark January 2nd 2011, 2012 and 2013 in case you bought calendars already]

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David L. said...

Michael -- Thanks for taking the organizational lead this year. I'm sorry that I will be overseas and cannot join ... but I look forward to the trip report.