18 November 2009

Tokyo Bicycle Film Festival 2009 This Weekend Nov 20-23

It is that time of year again, as the Bicycle Film Festival comes to Tokyo, as in 2008 and 2007. Maybe this year I will stop by for a show?


Follow up note: Misako and I stopped by for the 4PM show today -- a nice crowd, and fun series of 12 short films in 90 minutes. The filmed races through NYC were crazy--crazier than anything similar I've seen.

This is a view from the entrance to the Spazio sunken courtyard, with the exhibition space visible.

There is supposed to be a "block party" at Komazawa Dori tomorrow afternoon.

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David L. said...

Misako and I are planning to try to go to the 4PM show today -- urban bike short films. This location (Spazio -- where our son's cello teacher has their annual cello recital in the smaller hall, deep underground) is a bit off the beaten track, in Ebisu but all the way up the hill from the station, and several blocks west of the bridge over the Yamanote tracks to Ebisu Garden Place, on a side street. See you there!