19 November 2009

Songs I would like to hear when riding

Perhaps because recently I have been bonking too much on climbs, I became pregnant with the idea to write a post about bicycle songs. You know, not this one, which is too obviously connected with the topic; but about the songs one is unintentionally hearing when riding.

Generally I don't ride with an ipod or similar on the bike and listen to music while riding. I feel uncomfortable going with the flow of the traffic in the city and it is exactly the silence I am looking for when riding out in the mountains. And the music I love to hear at home, say for example Ludwig Guettler playing Bach isn't exactly the music I would like to hear when, for example, trying to park a car in a reverse in a small space (as my friend Tobias used to put it perhaps 18 years ago).

But sometimes, in particular when riding up a steep slope, fragments of thoughts appear recurring in my head and sometimes they focus into a line from a song I have almost forgotten about. When I was riding up Koburi Toge on Monday for some reason I couldn't get this one out of my head. These are not necessarily my favourite songs, although this one is.

So what song to you hear in your head?


TOM said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeendlich ein Video mit die Fahrrad fahrende huebsches Maedchens...Vielen Dank MOB !!

Manfred von Holstein said...

Beautiful baroque music, but not Bach! This is a rather unknown sonata by Gottfried Finger.

It probably won't stick in my head and I won't hear it while riding bicycle. It is rare particular music comes into my head while riding hard. When taking breaks, the classical music I listened to on the radio the same morning may come to my mind. But then I mostly leave the house so early for bike rides I miss most of the morning classical programs, so these days tend to be music free.