02 November 2009

Forthcoming Endurance Races


I wonder if we should not attend some more endurance races as we really had a lot of fun on Sunday in Motegi. Endurance races are also a good way to start racing, there are much less dangerous as the JCRC class races and by overtaking lots of other riders it is somehow more fun.
So I ask particular the Positivistas and TCCers with no racing experience to attend.

There are two more in November which is normally a rather dry and good month to go out cycling:


Flattish 2.4 km track in Chiba, so we could go in the morning, race and ride back.
Eight hours team with 1 to 5 riders.
On the expensive side, app. 12.000 Yen registration fee per rider. Perhaps we can circumvent that .. somehow.

Drawback : we need to register .... today.


Flattish 4.3 km track about 100 km North of Tokyo.
Again, it would be possible to go there without staying overnight in the area.
Seven hours team race with 1 to 5 riders.
About 9.000 registration fee.

Need to register by next Monday.

Please let me know, I am ready to help with the organization.

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