16 December 2009

Call to ride : Saturday, December 19th

Start :
FUTAGOTAMAGAWA STATION 06:25hr (Jerome and Eric)
later meeting points possible

Route :
from Futago along the Tamagawa to Tamagawahara and then along One-Kan and Tank Road to Hashimoto Station (Second meeting point at 8 AM)

Tsukui North road to Doshi Michi at the Yabitsu entry and up to Yabitsu Pass.

Down on the other side to Hadano, on a Rindo branching off from the main road at the observation parking space (not ridden yet).

First escape point :
Hadano station, return with bike bag by Odakyu Line

Through Hadano and the like to road #1 in direction Odawawa and Hakone. Up to Hakone on the old Tokkaido.

Second escape point :
From Hakone over Jukoku pass to Atami, back with bike bag and Shinkansen

Along Ashinoko lake to Gotemba and up on Mikuni pass to Yamanako.

Goal :
Kawaguchi or Fuji-Yoshino Station
[for those who will make it]

So far in :
Jerome, Eric, James, mob

Type :
long stretches of ups and downs followed by a 400m climb up to Yabitsu (moderately steep), nice and fast downhill follows

Flat thru the wastelands

Followed by a 700m climb up to Hakone

To Atami: the most beautiful downhill road in Japan
To Yamanakako : most gruesome climb up to Mikuni pass, extremely steep & demanding

Speed :
As most of us are out of shape : competitive.

Weather :
Should be dry, but cold, in the 0 - 5 degree region.

Everybody is welcomed to join us (Positivieure, Cattenis, TCCler, NFCCeuse, anybody.
Drop a comment.


Manfred von Holstein said...

This is a nice proposal. The full ride is not an easy one - typical for me, but probably not for others: 195km with 3,000m of climbing.

I've mapped it out here:


Maymyride has finally enabled the follow-roads function for Japan, so route planning has become very easy.

I have my company bonenkai on Friday night and am somewhat in the spotlight for it, so I am not sure I can get out early enough to have enough sleep for a ride on Saturday. But it is tempting. If I join, I will wait for Jerome and Eric at Tamagawara bridge around 6:45.

Anyone wanting to complete the full ride will have to ride through at a brisk pace and without too many breaks, because the day will be short. Also advisable to bring lights because we may not be able to reach Fuji-Yoshida by the time there is still much day-light.

TOM said...

Tempting indeed. For me this Saturday will be the last chance for a decent ride this year so I've planned a repeat of my R76 ride "cyclocrossing" over Inukoeji-toge and looping back this time via Yabitsu before dark.

David L. said...

Must send my regrets ... but feel free of course to meet at my house instead of Futako for the first gathering point, if that works better ... and I can arrange some coffee bananas/mikan.

Anonymous said...

Hello, guys
There should be some mistake somewhere : I announced the "samurai trip" on sunday 20th.
Could there be a misunderstanding ? (I unfortunately can't come on saturday)
Cheers to all, you crazy riders...


lovensprockets said...

The stats have alligned and I'm off to build the new bike. Father-in-law will join the Sat. ride but won't be to ebisu till 7. We will try to catch up but overall will be a short ride as we leave for Guam later the same day!!
Happy holidays to all and the two of us will see those who are up for the new years ride on the 2nd

Cheers x2