12 December 2009

P.E. Approved mask???

People wear masks on the trains, in the streets, at the bank ATM, in the grocery store, the classroom or office -- making this an even more anonymous society than it otherwise might be, but I always see very few cyclists with masks.  And the ones that do wear them look very uncomfortable ... I guess they want good filters to keep out exhaust and particulate, and they need a tight fit because the surgical mask won't do much during intense exercise.

I was pleased to see in the Nikkei English version online that a solution is being offered.  This could be just what we have been looking for to use as our Positivo Espresso-approved mask.

I think it MIGHT be possible to achieve the same result (and look) by taking a certain article of women's undergarment, folding the cups together (for double extra pollen filtering, and some face-plant padding) and jury rigging the straps:

This could be THE look for our team photo next year, especially if we want photo in our suits, before the next year's kit arrives.  A brief excerpt from the Nikkei:
Friday, December 11, 2009
New Mask Keeps Pollen, Dust Out Of Cyclists' Way
OSAKA (Nikkei)--Major sports eyewear manufacturer Yamamoto Kogaku Co. will launch in March a mask that protects bicycle riders from airborne dust and pollen.
This mesh mask prevents heating around the mouth and boasts better sealing around the nose. A disposable filter, usable for a week, attaches inside. A fastener holds the mask in place, making it easy to put on or take off.
The mask comes in gray, blue and pink. It and two filters will be sold as a set for 2,625 yen, with a filter 10-pack to cost 2,100 yen.
(The Nikkei Dec. 11 morning edition)

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Manfred von Holstein said...

I saw them on display at the Cyclemode, but couldn't feel any attraction to consider wearing one. Anyhow, for me free breathing is most important, no matter what I may be inhaling.