14 December 2009

Cycle Mode 2009 Impressions

International press at the Cycle Mode 2009. F.l.t.r : James M., Woshington Past, Dominic H., Bloody White Press, David M., Michael K., Bradford Hill Climb Observer

A dummy display raped by a group of local distributors.

Ceeco time trial bike, customized for a rightwing emeror worshipping pro team.A possible alternative to the Selle SMP saddle, seen at the Cherubim booth.The cross bike of Pina Bausch.
The proper usage of orange color schemes on bikes.Cycling wear : The famous cycling jacket by Rapha. Of course they didn't got the orange color right at the collar and the sleeves.Cycling underwear : As shown by James breaking all records on the SKINS trainer.

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