09 December 2009


"Cross" Part I

"It's the aspect of the sport that I've chosen to perfect"

"The Thoms" Part III

"Pain & Pleasure" Part IV


Unknown said...

WONDERFUL! Thanks for posting James. I'd love to enter one of those cyclocross races. For the time being, I'm sticking to the unpaved rindos.

mob said...

Very nice. I immediately felt inspired to update the team slogan and the logo on the blog.

David Litt said...

Nice video, and MOB -- Sleep, Eat, Drink, Heckle is fine for a slogan ... but let's go back to a white background and lose the puke colored yellow. Please!

mob said...

..well...this is actually the color of our team jerseys, or, I should better say, this is the color I asked to manaufacturer to produce on our team jerseys. It derrivates from the Euskatel team (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euskaltel%E2%80%93Euskadi).

I noted recently that also other websites have changed their design n favor of this color (http://jimmyfromshinagawa.blogspot.com/).

David Litt said...

The color looks good, even distinguished, for some 24 pt text on "James in Japan" with a black background, if that is what you are referring to.

With our slate blue background and the flesh colored/beige background to the text of our posts, and our green side bar ... it looks like puke-colored yellow.

For Euskatel it works without the clashing colors and with a white background on the wikipedia page.

I'm glad they messed up and made our jerseys much more orange than requested!

Manfred von Holstein said...

I guess I'm too old fashioned and maybe feel already too much like a long-time member of the team (even though it has only been a bit over a year). I very much preferred the "old" colour scheme and don't feel particularly proud of the new one. Neither of adding heckling to the motto - don't really see the connection to what we are doing (unlike for the other verbs).

I'm not sure Jizo-Sama will look graciously on us...

Unknown said...

Bonenkai Puke Season has arrived! For me too, no need to add heckling; among other activities I like to eat, drink, sleep and ride by bicycle but intentionally trying to embarrass people is not one my favorite passtimes. I thought the cyclocross film was funny though. I believe it is nice to change the image of the blog once in a while and it is easy to do but Michael, do we need green?

mob said...

Well, everyone of you has editing rights for the layout of the site, so if you would like to change it I guess that it is fine. After some iterative steps we should find something we all can live with.

Manfred von Holstein said...

So the team colour is now green?? MOB, are you repainting your bike??

It's nice to offer us the option of changing the logo ourselves, but without access to the original file and also without the same abilities in graphical design, this is not particularly meaningful.

Shall we take a vote on removing the heckling?

Jimmy Shinagawa said...

Not sure if Mob is repainting so soon, but having searched far and wide, I have found a powder-coater that can get my Cervelo painted ahead of this weekend's ride.

He is having a hard time matching the lighter green shade (mumbled somehting about it being an old german recipe - hard to come by), but seems confident that everything will be good, if a tad sticky still, by Saturday night.

It is proving harder to dye the team jersey and bib shorts with the new colours.

The maid is now using crayons as her first attempt didn't go well. We found her babbling incoherently in the bathroom. She hadn't read the Pantone instructions properly. The cupboard under the stairs (where she lives) is not exactly well ventilated.

I am thinking of getting some spray paint and just going crazy on Saturday afternoon.

Join me?

OR just come round to heckle?

James said...

That video Takes me back to my MTB racing days.


Taken at the National Championships.... Im screaming on fellow team rider Matt Carr who no rides for MudDock in the UK. Notice the front wheel, That's what real men do when they get a blow out!

David Litt said...

Jimmy Shinagawa: That is the great thing about starting with a black/white frame -- you can miss a few spots with the spray paint and it really does not show. I'm going a kind of psychedelic flourescent on my Cervelo frame, purely for safety/visibility reasons.

David Litt said...

Merry Christmas -- red and green (let's change it back -- to something that works -- in a few days!)