11 December 2009

News Flash - Kazahari to close to motorcycles

... on a temporary basis starting Dec 15 ... from Tomin no Mori down to Okutamako. Too many accidents, and 5 motorcyclist deaths since 2006.

Read about it (in Japanese) here.


Manfred von Holstein said...

There is another pass road where this must have happened: Maze Toge, which is between Nagatoro and Kodama (towards Waseda Honjo).

This is great news for us, but only if the same bikers don't then start racing on other mountain roads.

Jimmy Shinagawa said...

Link was broken, but I fixed it for you. Interesting move.

TOM said...

James, thanks for fixing the link. But o-oh! The title clearly says motorbikes, but the article only mentions 二輪車, two-wheeled vehicles or two-wheelers and that would include bicycles! Am I being paranoid again?

Manfred von Holstein said...

Has this stopped you from going through Karisaka Tunnel?

Anyhow, I would be surprised if we found a sign when getting onto the road having come up on Kazahari Rindo.

This road will be all ours!!

TOM said...

Clever Ludwig...forgot for a while about the rindo shortcut! Some day I'd like to do a re-run of that Karisaka loop, anyone interested?

BTW, anyone riding tomorrow? Am thinking of doing something flattish as a "training" for the X-Mas Enduro on Sunday. Yamanakako might fit the bill.

(I can already hear Michael loudly protest now, telling me to keep my legs fresh for Sunday...)

James said...

Tom I found I ride better if I put a run in the day before~! Looks like sunny with spells of rain, sunday overcast...hopefully the rain will hold off.