13 December 2009



Winner 33 laps 3.56.38 hr
4. TCC A (Thomas, Sergey, DeeJ, AlanW) 33laps 3.58.03
22 NFCC 30 laps
36 Catteni Positivo Torino 29 laps
41 TCC C 29 laps (David, YellowGiant,...)
45 Catteni Positivo Trevis 29 laps
70 Catteni Positivo Napoli 28 laps


Winner 28 laps 3.55.02 hr
2. TCC G 28 laps 3.59.38 hr


Winner 32 laps 3.53.41 hr
5 TCC A PE (Tom, James, Kaori, mob) 31 laps 3.57.39 (=15th place in men cat)
11 Catteni Positivo Milano 29 laps

More to come. First a bath and some food.

All results are here:




Manfred von Holstein said...

Wow, really great showing of all teams! Congratulations!

James said...

Im dead.... not looking forward to the cramps tonight. Really looking forward to the hot bath and beers though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Mob. What a fun day out -- I'm pretty wiped, though. I wish I could have chatted more with the PE folks. I'm running purely on caffeine right now, because I have to stay awake to do the dishes.

Everyone gave it their all, and the competition seemed faster this year. I'm curious to see what the results were for yesterday, lap-wise -- sounds like Nalsima cleaned up.

TCC A missed the podium by a mere 5 seconds. Dang, that was close. Next year!


TOM said...

Deej...fantastic result of the TCC A team...so damn close, jeez! It was good fun though. Hope to see you someday on the Onekan (pretty much my territory too!)

mob said...

Just found out that another team I know, the previous VELOZ, now Tamagawa Cyclists, finished 32nd in the men category on Sunday. Kurata-San and Kikuchi-San were at the startline in Tachikawa.