26 January 2011

Cargo Bike

Thinking of getting a Xtracycle conversion kit. Could use it to explore Ulan Bator.


David L. said...

How does it do in cross winds?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy - I had an xtracycle in Tokyo for a few years. Used to ride it to and from work every day. It definitely had its uses. I would often sit my boys on the back and take them to karate or other places close by. They were too heavy to pull up hills without electric assist, but I'd just tell them to jump off and run up the hill. They absolutely loved it. One difficulty with kids was that they were behind me so I couldn't see what they were doing to each other. They often fooled around. Centre of gravity quite low on the back though, so not very far to fall if they do. Can't go very fast with a load like that either, so speed was always nice and slow. But a Cargobike or something like it would be better for kids I imagine.

The xtra was also very useful when stopping at the shops on the way home. The xtra could quite easily handle two cases of beer.

To be brutally honest though, I don't know how or why people use an xtra for long distance touring. They really are quite heavy and the whole setup just encourages you to take more stuff with you - most of which you could probably do without. Crosswinds might be an issue, but before that there is a pure weight issue.

Anonymous said...

...I later discovered that a trailer was just fine for carrying things when I needed to, and if I carry a big messenger bag I'm covered for emergencies. I also discovered that a Brompton can easily carry two kids - one standing behind looking over your shoulders, and the other on the crossbar between your arms. Both only 16inches from the ground, so nowhere to fall. Perfectly safe provided you take it nice and easy. Problem with cars really - it isn't the cars themselves - they are just big lumps of metal. The problem is mostly just the speed and the fact that people want to go fast right where other people are walking and going about their lives.