11 January 2011

PE Europe pre-Transalp Altitude Training
Yes, we are 100% committed to Transalp 2011. With Europe enveloped in the new ice age we looked further afield to get a head start on the rest of the Transalp field - we believe with dedication, hard work, ruthless efficiency (an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope, and nice orange uniforms), and total commitment, we can, at least for a day, make it into the second last starting group in 2011. So off to the High Atlas mountains of Morocco for some early season high altitude work - with a little help from Ali and his camel (that is a camel, right?)

chasing down the breakaway...

back in the peleton

at the feeding station

look who won the stage!

Have to study tomorrows stage profile so I know when to ATTACK!!!!

BUT! I end up in the broom wagon... (they look like carpets not brooms!)

Happy New Year Positivistas!

1 comment:

David L. said...

DJ -- Impressive stubble!

If you can climb the peaks of the High Atlas, then the Stilfserjoch should not be any problem! Full gas all the way up this time.