06 January 2011

Saturday January 8th / Monday January 10th

After failing to conquer Mount Rokko, I am planning a long trip either next saturday or monday to keep in shape. Currently considering to leave home very early in the morning (around 4 or 5) to be back home in the evening. Planning to ride up either towards Yabitsu / Hakone or Omekaido / chichibu

Anybody willing to join this trip?

SATURDAY 9:30AM UPDATE (by David L.)

Jerome and Ludwig decided in the end to head for Chichibu and onward toward Gunma and Nagano (very cold today!).  Apparently Jerome is having problems with flat tires again, at least based on this photo from Ludwig:
Message from Mr. Rindo "Karuizawa really not feasible any more. Will probably end up doing some onsen in Chichibu."


Manfred von Holstein said...

How about riding to Karuizawa via Shinshu Toge - very historic route which I have never taken. Of course requires returning home by train. I have intelligence that Karuizawa is still free of snow. We may need to watch for ice in places, but overall should be OK, and certainly much better than what you attempted just before New Year.

Froggy said...

This sounds like a good idea. we could go through the "hell" pass Would it be possible to leave very early in the morning like 5 am at your meeting point along Tamagawa?
I might try to cycle back also...
Unfortunately I am not as fast as you are...

Manfred von Holstein said...

You mean Jikkoku Toge which sounds like Jigoku? We wouldn't pass that, but instead Shionozawa Tunnel, then up to the pass that leads onto the Myogi Arafune Rindo. The highest point is 1,300m - not sure what to expect, but we can try.

Irrespective what time we leave though, it is not realistic to make it back to Tokyo, not even half-way.

I prefer not to be on the Tamagawa in complete darkness - I want to see where I'm riding and and want to see all the walkers and runners dressed in black... So the best time would be Koremasa at 6:15am, or at earlier points on the way proportionately earlier.

Tomorrow will be very, very cold. The top temperature forecasted for Karuizawa is just zero!

Yan said...

In this season, minor "TOUGE" is closed until March or April.

As long as I see Ueno-mura information, Jikkoku-touge is colosed from Dec.22 to Apr. 7.

The other Touge is also expected to be same condtion in Shinsyu.

I propose to check road information in advance.

Have a nice ride!

Froggy said...

Ok for a 6h15 start at Koremasa brigde (the one which leads to One kansen?)but I would rather avoid riding a train back home & make a loop. I suggest making a final decision tomorrow morning when we meet.
Could you resend you mobile phone number + email?

080 30914917

Manfred von Holstein said...

David, thanks for posting the photo with my update from the ride. Here is what we ended up doing, including a short report: