19 January 2011

Mini Velodrome London

Red Bull Mini Drome Final London from Tim S on Vimeo.

Red Bull Minidrome from Eyeball Moving Image on Vimeo.

Red Bull Mini Drome Pursuit Race from Donut! on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

ouch, sec 23 L thigh hits bar...that HurT

David L. said...

1. Looks like a great event to really get that "hamster on the wheel" feeling!

2. Speed seems limited by the low bank height and angle ... kinda pathetic.

3. Maybe one of the German members can explain why the Rose bike shop and online retailer sells "Red Bull" bicycles -- seems like an in-house private label of sorts -- and the Red Bull energy drinks company--which seems based out of next door Austria originally--also sponsors lots of cycling related BMX and other (such as silly mini-drome) events. I was reading that a "Red Bull" sponsored rider won the U.S. cross nationals ... but the picture showed him riding a Cannondale bike. Very confusing.

Manfred von Holstein said...

David, I have been asking myself that very same question. No idea. I had thought the same or very similar brand or company names were common only in Japan...