29 January 2011

Kawasaki Velodrome

Ludwig and I joined an exceptional occasion to ride inside a real "keirin" velodrome thanks to Hiroshi's connections. First-time experience for both of us and although we were not fixed-geared, I had a great time - so did Ludwig I believe.
Hiroshi...many thanks for the invitation!


hiroshi said...

Hi Tom san,

How about feel in first time on Track?Next time is 6th Feb,please join us!


James said...

I got the chance last year at Yokkaichi and would love to have the chance to do it again!

TOM said...

Hiroshi-san...loved every minute and every round of it! But, I can imagine than doing those rounds on a real track bike must be 10-times more fun!

James, how about joining us on February 6th?