15 January 2011

Tokyo Itoigawa 2011 -- Indications of Interest Now, Applications at Beginning of February

The 40th annual Tokyo-Itoigawa Fast Run is scheduled for Saturday May 21, 2011 (with return to Tokyo for most the following morning, Sunday May 22, though as this year proved, it is possible to hop a train back on Saturday night).

This epic ride inspired more blog posts than any other last year (see here, here, here, here, here, here and other links here), and the build-up was a bit intense.  2010 reports suggest that the actual event proved almost a let down after all that, and many who joined for the first time decided it is a "once is enough" experience, especially after fighting with the trucks in the tunnels from Hakuba downhill toward Itoigawa -- or Dominic fighting with a car that was trying to run him off the shoulder in the sprawl near Matsumoto. (I guess I found the tunnels exhilarating back in 2008 with MOB, DJ and Juliane, though maybe we had fewer trucks since we were on a later schedule, and Juliane handled all the fighting with drivers earlier in the ride).  Two of my younger colleagues tried it last year on way-too-little sleep, not just the previous night but the previous week.  That I do not recommend, especially for those of us over the age of 35 (well, also over the age of 45).

Yair and I are interested in a repeat.  This can be his recovery and training goal as he gets back on the bike and into shape in the Spring.  I want to get a time noticeably faster than in 2008, and use this as part of my ramp-up to Transalp, which begins 36 days later.
James M. will again ride for the victory, I believe, trying to give Andy Wood a run for his money (Andy is rumored to spend the entire winter chained to a trainer, on the balcony of his home somewhere in Niigata, riding in place into the snow and sleet, just to prepare for this event). 
Tom S. will ride with another team, as usual, and also push for a victory, at least in his (mine also) age group.
Jerome?  Steve T?
Team applications and fees are due the week of February 7, so we need to start organizing now.  There is supposed to be a lottery for teams, but I hope since we had good representation last year that will not be an issue.  The organizers do provide refunds (minus a service fee) if you need to cancel later or decide you do not want the hotel/bus options you requested. 
If you MIGHT want to participate or have questions, let me know by email, a comment on this post, or otherwise, and I will be sure you are included in follow up communications. 
I'll also start a TCC thread if there is not one already, since this will likely be a combined event.

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TOM said...

Thank you David for the announcement. I already signed up with my team. Hope we pass the lottery.

Oh yes, I will be gunning for a top-5 finish regardless of age! With a little luck and help from my friends...who knows!