20 March 2015

400 kms with Saitama Audax -- Coming Tomorrow

Jerome and I look forward to seeing friends tomorrow on the Saitama Audax 400km "Attack Nikko and Beef" Brevet.  "Beef" refers to the "Beef Line", a road in northern Ibaraki Prefecture that, if memory serves, includes a few painful steep short ups and downs.

I rode much of the outbound route to Nikko back in 2010 at the same time of year, on Saitama Audax's "Attack Nikko Toshogu" event, with severe headwinds on nearly the entire return leg.  I remember searching in pitch dark for a "Falken" tire sign that marked a turn.  I see the same notation on tomorrow's que sheet ... but should be much easier to find in daylight.  And some LONG straight stretches through the rice fields of North Saitama and South/Central Tochigi.  This time we skip Takigahara Pass and take a more direct route into Nikko City from the south.

Stay tuned for a full report.

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