03 March 2015

Shiny things ... and More Shiny Things

The eyes of an infant are easily drawn toward shiny objects.  Well, not just infants.  This showed up parked on the street outside my office today in Azabu Juban.  Plenty of chrome, especially on the high rimmed wheels -- a give away that this is a bike more for looking at than actual riding.  But still nice to look at.

Brooks B-17, the old standby, in a honey colored leather. 
Shallow drop, wide swung bars with leather tape.  Like the Nitto B130AAF, but shallower and more swept back.

I stopped by C Speed on Sunday (March 15) and Hiroshi's friend (sempai) racer had stopped by on this Chesini Torpedo that he bought a few weeks earlier.  It is similar to the shiny bike in Juban in style ... but a different league in terms of the frame and some of the components.

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Nils Janson said...

Those look almost, but not quite, like the infamous Moustache Bar, or perhaps its cousin the Albastache. Though the brakes aren't really set up the same way.