17 March 2015

Colossi at C Speed

Hiroshi at C Speed has recently started distributing another brand in Japan -- Colossi!  They have a lot of interesting frames.  The main website is here, and flickr photo collection is there.  Hiroshi's blog description is here.  The production is in China, and the company founder/CEO is a Dutch expat in China, together with his son.                        

I stopped by on Sunday with some friends who wanted a short test ride.  The reviews are very good.  Top quality steel frames -- including opportunities for customization.  The bike he has in inventory, with their "Rambler Road" steel frame of Columbus Zona tubing, looks great.
Colossi outside; Chesini inside
It is great to get access to a(nother) maker of really nice and reasonably priced steel frames via C Speed.  I hope to have more to say about Colossi in the (near) future.

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Unknown said...

I have a colossi rambler road frameset built up Ultegra 11sp with Zipp service course finishing kit and it's fantastic to ride. The geometry is very compact though so you need to watch out for toe over at slow speeds.