29 March 2015

Bicycle for Yoshihara-san

One of my friends recently mentioned he would be interested in getting a road bicycle.  He is on a limited budget, given family and other hobby commitments ... so after a few false starts we ended up deciding to try to find something used that would still be a good starting point.  I happened to find a frame in his size via the TCC classified ... which was offered by the owner in a full-bike alternative.  A great deal, in my view -- a Pinarello Marvel frame, around 10 years old but without much apparent wear, and built up with a mix of Campy 10-speed components, including many new or nearly new components.  Also Rolf Prima Elan wheelset.  55,000 yen (around US$450).

It came in two boxes from west Japan, so I got to do the assembly.  I was very glad to have the workstand I got for Christmas!

One problem -- the seat tube is a bit long for him, so I lowered the seatpost further down.  The post was a very long (35cm? longer?) carbon model, and hit the inside of the bottle cage boss before going as far as I wanted to set it into the tube.  I tried to swap it for one of my spare posts ... but different diameters.  What to do?  I quickly got out my hacksaw and fork steerer cutting block, and cut 2-3 cms off the post.  Problem solved.

I also added some of the new Shimano Click'R clipless pedals -- which take much less force than traditional SPD in order to disengage.  Good for someone to learn how to use clipless.  Then it was off to a nearby shop to help him choose cycling wear and accessories, to use up of some of the money saved from getting a used bike ... and he is good to go.
Happy bike leaning in front of blossoming Sakura tree.

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