01 March 2015

Tsukui - Otarumi Loop, and Gout Watanabe bicycle bag shopping

Nothing unusual about this route ... a very nice half day ride with Jerome.  119 kms.
Then another 26 kms into town and back for an alumni group dinner.

We came back via Kichijoji to check out Gout Watanabe, which makes (by hand) some of the nicest bicycle bags in the world.  This is very beautiful and very practical randonneuring gear.


Ἀντισθένης said...

What is the name of the bag in the last picture? Very clever option instead of a decaleur for those of us with more common bikes.

David Litt said...

It is called the "日当F-15対応" since it works with the Nitto F-15 bar holder. They are shown here:


Best to go to the shop with your bike and talk with them about exactly what you want ... since they seem happy to tweak the standard designs to work on a specific bike, for a specific need.

David Litt said...

Actually, 日東 not 日当. Sorry.