30 March 2015

Too Nice A Day Not to Ride -- Kita Akigawa Spin

Today was a beautiful Monday, perfect riding weather and the sakura blossoming all around the Tokyo area.  So I headed out of the house and turned left, heading toward then upriver.

Just after passing the first traffic signal, Kanpachi Dori, I saw Tominaga-san, heading in to work. I said his name and he did a double take, recognizing me for the first time and looking a bit surprised that I was heading west, then was gone.

I stopped just past the Odakyu Line to take some photos of the sakura.  And again just after crossing the Tamagawa on Route 16.

I had to remind myself repeatedly not to stop more times -- already plenty of photos of sakura on the internet.

I was thinking of climbing to Tomin no Mori, but in the end opted for a shorter, easier trip up the North Akigawa.  A beautiful river valley, almost no traffic.  Around 130 kms for the day, so a decent workout, though not very scientific training.

Bike leaning -- Canyon Shark and Gokisos!

I went as far as the bottom of the climb to the mushroom research center (キノコセンター).
"Only" 3.9 kms to the Kinoko Center -- straight up!
At my turn around.


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