14 March 2015

The Reverse Paul J.

I wanted to get in a good training ride today, but be back by 2PM.  So headed out around I rode Ride Number 9 in our Rides Near Tokyo series.  140kms and 3 good climbing stretches -- Akigawa/Kobu tunnel, the Uenohara golf course hills, and the "Ura Wada" Pass climb.
The interesting part of the ride -- up the Akigawa (to the North), then back over Wada Pass and in Jimba Kaido).
The riding conditions were perfect -- cool but not so cold you need to burn up most of your energy just maintaining your body temperature.  I was feeling pretty good about my pace, a bit tired legs from a Powercranks training session Thursday evening.  But still I was passing other riders and not being passed.  I stopped at the Itsukaichi 7-11.  Just as I had remounted and was heading up the next hill, a foreigner went zooming by me on a black Trek roadbike.  He looked as if he was probably 5 cms taller and 10-20 kgs lighter than me, and apparently he was stronger as well.  He disappeared into the distance so quickly it felt as if I was pedalling in place.  I guess I was not going all that fast. ... indeed not fast at all.

Almost sunny, on the climb to Kobu Tunnel.

In the Uenohara "golf course hills" -- always peaceful, and painfully steep.
Ura Wada road -- closed half way up due to road subsidence and dangerous falling rocks.
... but easy to go around the gate on either side, and I was not the only cyclist on the upper section.

The road off the back of Wada Pass really is falling away to one side. ... but no problem for a bicycle.

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