10 December 2007

Elite Model Garbage Collection

One day when I decide to leave Japan and go home to Germany or elsewhere, I will lament all the photos of the daily life in Japan I have not taken. For example I deeply regret not to have taken a single photo at a commuter train station in 90/92 when the station staff still punched the tickets with these handy tools and one could hear the sound of "tactactac tactactactactactac tactactac tac" all over the area.

I always wanted to take pictures of garbage collectors and also of this soba/ramen/tempura/sushi delivery bikes with the elaborate suspension mechanism mounted behind the riders seat.

So I was particular happy when these days while driving my capitalist BMW to Odaiba and stopped at a red light at Nakahara Kaido, I found this good looking, sturdy collection cycyle packed to the rim with all kind of staff, navigated by this good looking guy with a windbreaker from the Elite model agency.

Please feel free to add the photos you will never have taken.

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