11 December 2007

Normal Crank vs. Compact Crank

...just checked the "official" Wada Hill Climb Time Trial results of 2007. Interestingly, 6 of the 10 top guys (with times ranging between 14:12 ~ 16:20 / and body weights less than 60kg -except one at 61kg) are using normal cranksets, i.e. 39×25. I am myself reverting to a normal crankset for the more serious rides and races. The compact crank has become too much of a treadmill (especially on the downhills) lately.


Anonymous said...


You don't need to change for a normal crank, just change your chanring for a 38.


TOM said...

Swapping the small 34 chainring for anything bigger like 38 still will not help me on the longer downhill stretches where you really want to have something like a 53 for the outer chainring.