13 December 2007

Most Awesome Dining Room Makeover. Ever.

A reader recently sent in pictures of their dining room makeover. Let’s begin by looking at this rather conventional dining room:

And now, let’s take a look at the same dining room, after its recent makeover:

From the FAT CYCLIST blog.

Comment: I don't want to make the obvious comment, which is to speculate on what would happen if I would do this to our living room. But still I wonder, if this living room make-over was initiated by "her", what happened to "his" dolls displayed before the make-over?

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David L. said...

That kind of makeover typically happens after "she" has already left. It is seen only when there is a divorce/separation and the guy gets to keep the house. Except they usually get rid of the table, and add a sofa and big screen TV.