16 December 2007

Takao->Sagamiko->Rte 76 and home via Doshi

Beautiful but cold er solo ride today -- past Takao and Sagamiko on National Rte 20, then on Rte 76 ovto Doshimichi (Rte 413) and back home again - 413, then Kanagawa Rte 20 and along the Tamagawa again. I remember taking the same ride I took with Tom, Michael and David J. in February. The thermometer on a sign half way up the hill west of Takao read 2 degrees C. I pushed some on the hill and was shocked, up my return home to see that my time (7-11 to the view area just over the top, was faster than Tom and Michael last weekend! How long will this 'record' stand? Nice view of Fuji today. The Cervelo responds instantly, climbs effortlessly, but is still very comfortable over bumps.


TOM said...

Very beautiful picture you took there David. As to the record, congratulations! Did a very fast one too on Saturday racing against Goro who easigly beat me with less than 200m to go...we were both well under 20min but have no proof of the exact time (didn't clock the ride!)...I was thinking, shouldn't we move up the startline so that there are no more traffic lights in between?

David L. said...

... so I'll keep the "official" Positivo Espresso record until someone gets out there and does the climb again next weekend ... or soon thereafter. I guess it makes sense to start the measurement just after the last Takao-san parking lot/traffic signal.

mob said...


sorry, i was faster last weekend. Can send you the Ciclo data as proof if needed - only 2 seconds although.
I updated all the the Togebaka to make them more easy to edit for new entries. Just start with the time, the lists are sorted after alphabet, so the fastest time will always be listed first.

After coming back from the tour I went to Nagai san to start selection of my new bike. Hope I will know more on Monday.

I also met Marek on the way back and in the evening I went to join his birthday party in Shibuya, together with Anna.

I cam home at 2 in the morning, impossible to do any sports today. I can understand now why it is hard for Marek to get up and out of the bed early if this is his permanent lifestyle.

TOM said...

Looks like you are firmly resolved to get yourself a new bike! All right!! Met Marek too on the way back...he was heading to Tachikawa (Heiwa Kinen Koen) where there was a cycling event I didn't know of. Michael, can you also change the "Wada Toge" records so that the fastest one is automatically on top?

TOM said...

Thanks Michael,I now see you already did! It'll be great to see the list of Toge Bakas grow!

David L. said...

No need to present Ciclo data, please. I had assumed you had not gone up the hill after reading Tom's blog entry about your mechanical problems.
For togebaka #3, don't you want to start at the traffic light just at the bottom of the hill on the Sagamiko side?

TOM said...

I agree David...we should cut out as many traffic lights as possible to reduce the risk of accidents due to reckless riding. The proposed startline at the elementary school lights would be just fine.

This coming weekend, I plan to add another Baka Toge...a very obvious one: Kazahari Toge (from Honjuku traffic lights to Tomin-no-mura). Anyone coming along?

mob said...

Hi fellow toge-bakas,

Ok, we can change the #3 Tagebaka, Otarumi Sagamiko Up to another start point the next time, just let me know the start point, elevation difference and distance or edit it yourself and throw my entry out.

For the #1 Otarumi Toge I would prefer to let it be as is. Why? I don't need to record the time as I can see that it is directly after the rest area.

I guess when we add more Toge, we will add many more where traffic lights are no problem at all. Matsuhime, Kazahari, Tsuru, Towa for example, so no problem at all.

The once where I would be a bit picky about the starting point are Otarumi and Hakone, but nowhere goes thre anyway, right?

Otherwise it was neverthless a good ride yesterday, in particular the stretch up from Sagamiko to Otarumi. I was not sooo fast but very steady, going at 14-15 km/hr almost all the time to the top without any major effort.

See you next weekend.