10 December 2007


You may have seen that I included a new box on the right side of the blog called TOGE BAKA. The idea is from a website Tom has a link to on his blog called "Wada Pass Hill Climb Time Trial". It gives a description of some of the famous hill climbs in the vincinity of Tokyo such as Wada Toge and Yabitsu Toge with some basic informations such as :

Start Point
End Point
Difference in Altitude

And then one can register there with the achieved time and date. So it is very nice list to keep track of the developments during the season I thought. And of course to show off !

One of the climbs we do most often is the Otarumi Toge at the Takao-san where we ride almost every time when we cross over to Sagamiko. Normally we take a break at the 7-11 close to Takao Station which is the strating point of the climb. The end point is shortly after the toge on the left side where we take a break to wait for the slower riders (if any) in our group. The total distance is 7.6 km and the difference in altitude 210m. This would be an average slope of less than 3%, however the first part is almost horizontal and the real climb starts only later.

Tom and me did the climb this weekend and it took us a little bit less than 22 Minutes. I checked some previous records from this season and I believe I can do the climb in less than 20 Minutes and Tom will probably shave off another 2 minutes.

So let's see, please feel free to include your times (no cheating please!!) and let me know if you would like to add any other toge


David L. said...

For real "Toge baka" see this collection of the Toge of Japan:


Maybe worth adding to the bike links given that it has many of Tom's favorite Toge - Yanagisawa, Imagawa, Matsuhime, Otarumi (both of them) ... ?

TOM said...

I love the idea! Starting and finishing line should be clearly defined and....no cheating!! HAHA!