06 December 2007

Weekend of Dec. 8 & 9...enlarging the nawabari further southwards

To all Positivo Espresso riders & friends:

Looks like fine cycling weather again this weekend! Last Sunday Jerome, David L. and I made a very short ride along some idyllic country roads south of Sagamiko. For this weekend, I intend to enlarge the cycling territory a bit and explore some attractive-looking roads running almost parallel to R20 on the south.

My plan is first cycle up to Saruhashi via R20 and instead of turning right and up to Matsuhime, turning left at Lawson and continue southwards direction Tsuru, go around "British Garden" golf course and then follow the R35 stretch along the Otabigawa and Akiyamagawa rivers thru the "Shin-Hinazuru" tunnel (anybody been here before?) and pass Akiyama country club before heading northwards again either to Uenohara or Fujino....

I'll be cycling both on Sat and Sun...if anybody wants to join please let me hear from you. I propose a departure time from the usual Sekidobashi rendezvous at 8:30...




mob said...

Hi Tom,

looks good, however I can join only on Sunday and I am not in a good shape so I am afraid you have to wait for me from time to time.
Will be at Sekidobashi at 8.30 hr in Sunday.

TOM said...

OK Michael - see you then on Sunday! Went today and it quite nice a bit long for you though - from my place it was 155k. We can always do something shorter and a gentlemanly pace.