01 December 2007

I picked up my new bike today at Positivo!
It is the largest frame size R3 SL Cervelo offers = 61 cm. Ride quality so far is great.
Weight with pedals/cages is 7.2 kgs, under 16 lbs. Yippee!


mob said...


the Cervelo looks beautiful. I think I need to have a word with St. Claus (and Nagai-san and my wife).

All the best for the inaugural ride.


TOM said...

Michael, I couldn't agree more...you deserve a luxury brand bike like David's Cervelo too! Like I wrote in my own blog...let her retire in peace your poor old horse! David's Cervelo was the second one for me to see in 9 days...same model and same color as the one owned by the Velosophe. Michael better go for orange!