09 October 2008

Cosmos Everywhere

Weather was superb today so I decided to skip another day of the few days left at office and head out for a ride in preparation of the Yokohama Stadium King of Endurance race on Saturday. I was not sure where to go, so I went to Itsukaichi first and then, getting weak in the knees and thinking about plans for the evening, decided to head for Jerome's hill rather than for a Tomin no mori trial.

I was giving everything up the hill and thought it wouldn't be enough. The last meters I wasn't even able to sprint, I was that much de-powered. I collapsed on the top of the hill, lay flat on the ground and watched the clouds moving in the gap between the trees. Everything was so peaceful.

When I uploaded the Ciclo data at home, somewhat to my surprise I set a new personal best with 08:30 minutes. Now I am only 14 seconds away from the all time best time of Tom. Which is, in all fairness, pre-season Tom's best time. Now he would be able to cut another minute I guess.There were Cosmos flowers everywhere along the Tamagawa. This is one of my favourite one. Simple, but a lot of colors and signaling the arrival of autumn. You cannot cut them and keep them at home, only see them out in the nature.

I had a good tailwind when I went home and was speeding at 35 km/hr all the time along the Tamagawa. I then completed th
e whole Jerome hill loop in 4:30 hours.
Yokohama may come.

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