20 October 2008

Saturday Tama

I was out early Saturday for a quick training ride. David was a blink of the eye at some point on the return leg and then stopped to have a quick chat with Michael. I was riding with Dominic who is new to the road riding scene but participates in the spin classes at TAC with me. He just bought a Pinarello FP2 as his first 'steed'. He complained of a little lower back ache early on but otherwise seemed very comfortable on his new bike. I have been pushing him and a couple of other guys to get out and ride with me recently with reasonable success.

Tom (not sure) and Bryon (Specialized) who you guys have met at this year's Fuji are keen; Aussie Ben (Cannondale) has already heard of Tom via TCC; Pat (Antares) from my office who kindly lends Walter his bike for the Fuji Hill Climb every year (maybe he will attempt it himself this year!); and David (Smith) (yes! ANOTHER David!) who is an experienced Japan rider.

I am looking forward to gettting everyone out for a ride together, but for the meanwhile these guys, just like me, prefer early rides of 3hrs or so to be back home around 10am. David, Ben and I have all had babies within the last month and are still working out the boundaries of what is required, reasonable, necessary and needed. The river is as good as it gets for now I think.

Looking forward to introducing you all sometime soon, and if anyone wants a short weekend ride then just let me know.

PS. Really looking forward to celebrating Michael's JCRC championship :) Gambatte sir!


mob said...

Oh yes, there will be a big party IF I win the JCRC championship. There still two races, Yokkaichi next weekend and Saiko on November 9th; please wait until then, unless a make a splendid finish in Yokkaichi and do not need to attend the Saiko race.

As I have a lot of time on hand now, I would like to join even some of your early morning three hours rides, please let me know when you go.

Another idea would be to ride very early in the morning before work, if this has been ever considered.

Concerning "working out the boundaries of what is required, reasonable, necessary and needed", my advise is that it is easier to ask for forgiveness later than for permission before the ride.

David L. said...

I also would be happy to join one of your shorter early rides.

I had a good longer ride on Saturday. Perfect weather, so I went via Takao/Otarumi/Uenohara up along Rtes 33 and 18 to Tawa and Tsuru passes. This time I stopped at the little roadside coffee shop/soba shop across from the river at the west end of the village of Saihara, between Tawa and Tsuru. Enjoyed a local medium pizza - a lot of food for 850 yen - and then came home. 100 miles/162 km of recreation -- pure heaven riding along that valley, tho "junk miles" as my racing colleagues would say.

TOM said...

James hi,

Will try to join the mini morning rides. Sundays are best for me. On Saturdays, I usually do my 200km+ rides. I have ridden with Ben before...very nice guy.