10 October 2008

Izu Westcost Tour on Sunday

Sorry, Saturday I will race with Jacques at the Yokohama Stadium, on Sunday I have to orchestrate the birthday party of my daughter - so I will be fresh and ready on Monday for another bike tour.

Ludwig and me are planing to jump the Shinkansen from Shinagawa at 7.34 AM and start to ride South from Mishima on the Izu Hanto West coast. We don't go inland, but take it rather easy along the coast. we plan to arrive at 4 PM at shimoda beach for a bowl of the famous teriyaki curry pasta and then head back by train around 6 PM.

Ludwig will sport his brand new Canyon carbon bike with Dura Ace specs for the first time on a longer trip.

If somebody would like to join us, please let us know or be at the Shinkansen gate at around 7.15.
Sorry, later I notice that I used a font for this post, which cannot be used by all standard PCs. Corrected hopefully now. Also I posted a wrong picture of the new bike of Ludwig. Instead of the fabulous Canyon Ultimate CF9.0 I published the rather boring Canyon Ultimate CF5.0
How could this possibly happened? Also corrected


Anonymous said...

Nice hyerogliphs from MOB. Did he drink instead of training for today race?

This week end trip. Any body in for a trip to Yamanakako this sunday (start at 7h00 / David L. house)or any preference for monday ?


David L. said...

Jerome: 7AM Sunday start at my house to head for Yamanakako sounds great. Looking forward to it.

I cannot ride on Monday (work to do).


TOM said...

still unreadable those wingdings...