13 October 2008

Paragliding in Chichibu

When I sensed my mobile vibrating around 8:30 this morning, there was Jerome calling! "Are you riding today?," he asked... "Of course, yes, I'm already in Chichibu!" Jerome was only about to leave his home...sounded like he had a good ride with David to Yamanakako and back yesterday.

As I am venturing deeper and deeper in Okumusashi territority, I've fallen completely in love with the landscapes there...quite different from those in Yamanashi and Okutama with panaramas that stretch much further.
Near the top of the Mt. Dodaira Observatory, I rode by a group of paragliders...very impressive as one after another took off under perfect weather conditions.


David L. said...


Chichibu does, indeed, look spectacular -- could not ask for better cycling weather. In the coming dark age, when we are all growing vegetables in the countryside to get enough food on the table, I want to find a garden plot in Chichibu near where David J., Juliane and I stopped for soba last month.

On a separate note, Jerome and I had a good ride to and from Yamanakako on Sunday. He pulled me home as usual in recent rides, but I felt better than the weekend before and cover the 180 km without incident. We had pizza at Juliane's favorite restaurant at the Yamanakako end of Doshimichi -- where we stopped on the Tokyo return leg from the Fuji Hill Climb in June.


TOM said...

Thanks for the compliment David. The white-spoked Spinergy wheels add a nice touch I admit. The Spinergies themselves are very comfortable and soft too. On the other hand, I was greatly disappointed to find that after only 2 months and a couple of rides in the rain, the rear wheel hub had gotten so rusty that the ratchet began to malfunction almost like a fixie! Supposed to be "sealed" bearings but the Spinergy hubs are not very efficient at sealing up the ratchet.

I already ordered a new pair of training wheels...the FULCRUM RACING 7 more than 4 times cheaper than the Spinergy. Weighing more than 1900 grams they are of course not meant for hillclimbs but for training in tough conditions. I also love the sound of the FR-7 ratchet...so loud you don't need a bell!! Maybe something for you to consider David!

Me too, a second home in or around Higashi Chichibu where I can grow my vegetables and perhaps start a vineyard for achieving economic self-sufficiency is a dream I'd like to realize.