23 October 2008

Cycle Mode 2008 at Makuhari Messe 7 - 9.11.08

Cycle Mode 2008 is again held this year at Makuhari Messe. I was there last year and it was quite good as one can actually test ride some bikes on a trial course constructed outside of the halls. David Marx was exhibiting with RGT Enterprises Assos, AX Lightness and Gravity Zero and he had a Trek test bike available which I could instantly use. But I guess I will leave the bike-ignorant, selfish, nerve-wrecking kids at home this year.

Here is a comment from the English website which explains it all :

"It is said that approximately 100 million bicycles are ridden in Japan. Rising concern over the enhancement of physical conditions such as beauty and health as well as the preservation of environment will contribute to encourage people to attend the show. In fact, the current trend of increasing number of bicycle buyers who are on bikes for fitness or communicating purposes.

CYCLE MODE international will be enjoyed not only by those who love bicycles but also by those who might be interested in bicycles in the future."

I would doubt that there are approximately 100 million bicycles ridden in Japan, but I would agree that at any given time there are more than 200 million bicycles parked in front of railway stations in Japan. It is a similar relation here as in case of the population of New Zealand and the number of sheeps I reckon.

I also have also never seen bicycle buyers who are on bikes, but I will tell Nagai-San to change his store lay-out to allow for potential bikers to drive-in on their bikes and make a purchase as this seems to be the new trend.

As I do not love bicycles but might be interested in bicycles in the future, I might enjoy Cycle Mode if I go there in the future for fitness or communication purposes and contribute to encourage of people to attend the show for the enhancement of physical conditions such as beauty and health.

Just discovered the missing Sandra Palin gene in me.

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